Friday, August 16, 2013

My M.O.M experience...

Motor Oil Matters

** we were sent a gift card as part of the promotion to use toward our oil change as we
learned about and shared information on the M.O.M. programs. All opinions are our own. 
Information and most pictures were provided by M.O.M and their website. Thanks!

A little while back I introduced you to an non profit organization
created by the American Petroleum Institute meant to help us
 Moms out and learn the benefits of quality licensed motor oils. 

We drive so much I am pretty good at keeping an eye on, 
or making a mental note of when my oil change is due next, 
finally it was time for my trip to get the oil changed in my van so I 
printed off my M.O.M checklist and read up on what I needed to
learn and know. First off I it gives you help in letting you know 
when its "time" for your oil change. The recommended guidelines
are usually listed in your vehicle manual, sometimes your vehicle 
will let you know when its time for a change.. make sure you 
pay attention to those reminders. 
Check your manual before you go if you don't know what oil
is recommended for your vehicle. Its always best to start off
knowing ahead of time to make sure its getting taken care of
correctly and not just what "they" may recommend.  
SAE 5W-20 and 5W-30 are often recommended for today's
cars. The viscosity might even be printed on the oil fill cap 
under the hood in newer models.

Our van recommends SAE 5W-30 Full synthetic Motor Oil,
right off the bat when the service tech came to get my information
 they asked if I wanted the 5W-20, although I am told it doesn't make 
that big of difference because of the weight is just different,
I asked them to please use the 5W-30 recommended instead.
 I also checked out what brand of oil they used. Because there is
no M.O.M. - certified oil change locations listed in or near my 
area I did a little research online before I went to find oils I would 
know are API certified

Super tech or Pennzoil were their options and 
I knew Pennzoil was on their list and a closer
 look at the bottles there shows the API Starburst to 
confirm it for me. You can learn how to identify what oils
 to choose and what to look for here.

API Certification Mark “Starburst”

The API “Starburst” signifies oils meeting the latest International Lubricant Specification Advisory Committee (ILSAC) standard. The ILSAC standards are developed by vehicle and engine manufacturers, oil and additive companies and industry trade associations such as API, ACC, ASTM and SAE. These oils provide engine protection while also delivering improved fuel economy and emission system protection.

Another important factor when getting your oil changed is 
to make sure you get everything done needed and a full 
service. Make sure the oil change includes a fresh filter.
Your owner’s manual probably recommends a specific type of 
filter, so make sure the right one is selected. 

Its also a smart habit to check your sales receipt to
 make sure your service tech actually used the oil you asked for.

How does MOM do it?
"Licensed distributors and installers have made a commitment to delivering quality products, and MOM holds them to it. But we don’t just take their word for it; each must submit to an auditing process and MOM holds these oil distributors and oil change locations accountable if they’re not up to MOM standards. Random product tests, supply and delivery audits and careful screenings mean if you see the MOM seal on their door, you can feel confident that you are getting quality motor oil that is right for your vehicle."
To find a MOM-certified oil change location near you, click here:
We hope we have helped make your oil change experience a little easier as you can be aware of what to look for and know why its important your service center is using API recommended oils instead of bulk to help keep your car working and running as deserved. 


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