Thursday, April 4, 2013

Busy Non-stop on the go toddler + packing and moving = slow blog...

Sorry its been slow around here...
life is busy... life is crazy!

Only one me... and not enough hands or time in the day!
Things are slowing down on the blog front. There will still be posts,
giveaways and random uplifting quotes but they won't be as consistent
as they have been in the past. My home and family life has me super
busy right now and kids who need me. More time for homework studies
with the kids who need a little nudge, a busy toddler who is loving the
new idea of climbing and exploring everything and anything and trying
to pack a house and move once again after only a year.. so don't forget
about us! Check back now and then and see whats new, but as for now
I have more important things that need my attention.. please stick around
and hope you all are having a wonderful spring! Hope to be back in full
swing of things again this summer!

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Thanks again to all my awesome followers!


kendahl said...

You are awesome! That's all. :)

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