Saturday, February 9, 2013


Fun for party favors, reunions, gift tags or just
because ancypants can create the perfect personalized
dog tag for any occasion. 
Personalized Dog tag, hand stamped, gift tag, party favor, name tag custom
For our trip to Disneyland I wanted the kids to have a fun 
souvenir to remember our family vacation as well as information
in case they were to become separated from us. Most of them
know our cell number but for our daughter who doesn't and
in case they forget it in the time of chaos and fear its always
 great to have it located on them. 

They created a personalized dog tag for each of our older
children with their first name, our cell number and 
Disneyland 2013. I love the way they turned out!!!
Keychain stamped You Are My One and Only valentines dayNecklace hand stamped You Are My Sunshine with with crystal  "sun"
Check out all their jewelry, tags and custom gifts great 
for your Valentine or loved one! 
You plus me equals we - personalized keychain customizablePersonalized Military style Dog Tags for keychain, party favor, wedding , valentine

Keychain accessory For Ever For Always and No Matter WhatNecklace sterling silver hand stamped LOVED dog tag plus tiny pearl on ball chain -
I will get some pictures posted soon of the kids wearing
 them after our trip this weekend and let you know their 
thoughts on them as well. I can't wait to surprise the kids
 with them just before we go to the parks!

UPDATE: The kids were so excited for the necklaces to have
for their Disney souvenirs, we did have one child wander off 
when they thought we left an area when we were just next to 
them, but we found her minutes later. But we were glad
to have them if needed. They turned out super cute! 

**I ordered the dogtags my own, she included extra stamping for two more lines and chains. 
All opinions are our own. Thanks!


kendahl said...

That's such a cute idea! Way cuter than the temporary tattoos with your info.

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