Friday, February 8, 2013

SHARE THE LOVE VALENTINES GIFT GUIDE: MommyParties sponsored by Mega Bloks® Barbie®‏

We were selected to host a MommyParties event 
with MEGA BLOKS/Barbie and had so much
fun with all the girls who came to our play date!
Before hand my kids and I constructed the adorable
Mega Bloks® Barbie® Build 'n Style Luxury Mansion
and Mega Bloks® Barbie® Build 'n Style Pool Party kits
It was a lot of work to get it all complete and together
with stickers and accessories in place, it took us 
a good 45 minutes but they had so much fun doing it
and it created a great mom and daughter/son evening. 
The details in this Luxury Mansion are so much fun!

The kitchen is complete with appliances like a blender, 
fridge that opens and accessories such as bowls and 
cooking utensils. Cupboards and drawers, Orange juice 
for the fridge.. everything they could need. 
The bedroom has a fun canopy styled bed, side table
with opening drawer, lamp, rug, bench and laptop for barbie. 
Bathroom accessories include a toilet that opens, a cute
pink tub, sink, stickers of towels and accessories,a rug,
 counter with mirror and brush.
The perfect place for Barbie or her family and friends who 
come to stay to pamper herself and get ready for the day! 
Family Room's big screen TV, lamp, couch, coffee table
and fireplace is sure to make Mega Bloks® Barbie & Ken
 feel right at home in their new place! Ken can even 
keep hold of the remote! 
The outdoor patio terrace is inviting with chairs and
a covered umbrella patio table complete with 
checkered place mats. You can bring a cheery spring
feel to the outdoor patio with flowers and potted 
plants included as well. 
   I really love the sticker detail throughout capturing fun 
important little details like light switches and plug outlets! 
 When its time for some fun, Barbie and Ken can invite all
their friends over to the best pool party ever! So much fun
to have her with the Mega Bloks® Barbie® Build 'n Style
Pool Party it even makes me jealous! 
 This kit comes with a pool, deck with a slide and lots of 
accessories for a good time!
Grill some hot dogs on the BBQ...
or eat Pizza on the pool deck with all your friends!
There are seriously hours of fun to be had with these 
awesome Mega Bloks® kits! You are sure to make a
little girl smile when you surprise them with one for their
birthday, Valentine's or just because! 

Thats not all! You can collect many different kits to go along
 with your mansion and pool party! Each of our guests went
home with a Mega Bloks® Build 'n Style accessory kit as
 well to start them should have seen the smiles!
 We loved the detail of each kit. Be sure the children are older 
and can keep them away from little ones..there are far too many
little parts to keep track of. I highly suggest you get out a
container to store all the little pieces in before you start! 
Each Barbie doll comes apart completely in sections
so you can change hair styles, clothing and looks with ease. 
I love that they make the bottom of each doll like a mega
blok piece so there are no issues to get them to stand. 
Each doll also comes with a little square platform so you can 
move them around other places beyond just the mega blok 
flooring. The accessories and pieces are extremely small 
and can get lost super easy so its also smart to play with it
on a surface that is easy to spot them on..unlike shaggy carpet!
The mansion also holds together alot better on a table or
hard flat surface during play. 

Its well made and fun to be able to create your own fun looks
or go along with the book and build it as they show you 
in the instructions. The girls can re-decorate and re-arrange
furniture over and over and over! 

My girls have already played with this set for hours
and they have never been huge on doll houses, but they 
have adored this one! They were thrilled because they say 
only boys get the cool bloks! Not now..well done Mega Bloks! 

Also, feel free to join the Mega Bloks® Family Club to
  receive coupons, learn about new products and lots more!

Now for a few party pictures! We had so much fun 
with hands on building and free play, creating unique 
rooms, fashion show with the dolls and then the girls
played musical manicures where they do their nails with 
multiple colors of polish according to when the music stops
and what color is in front of them..lots of fun, lots of giggles!
And of course lots of fun snack and drinks! Thanks
MommyParties and Mega Bloks for a fun time!!!

(many were asked not to be in pictures so we took a bunch at the
beginning and then had with everyone!)

**We received a MommyParties sponsored by Mega Bloks® Barbie® Party kit that included all the goodies and personalized touches.


BusyWorkingMama said...

I bet they had fun! We just hosted our party this weekend and the girls went to town! I need to draft my post :)

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