Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sorry I have been MIA... and IT WORKS Review

So the blog has been a bit slow the last few weeks with the holidays and all, 
excited to start of a new year full of great products, great deals and meet 
alot of new friends. The biggest reason I have not been online alot or up for
blogging has been because of my family. We have been dealing with the 
horrible stomach bugs, Flu, and other similar viruses over and over and over. 
Seriously FIVE weeks of fevers, throwing up, headaches and such. No fun at all. 
Week one 5 of us caught it the Flu, I was glad it was before Christmas and 
hoped we had all had our share and we would be done for the nasty
flu/stomach bug season. Wow, was I wrong! 

Even with the kids getting the flu shot, it kept going and going. According the 
the Dr. there are alot of new strains going around not touched with the shot,
as well as all the other germy viruses and stomach bugs. Week 2 my kids
left for winter break at their dads and my step-daughter came for her school 
break a few days later. I cleaned, scrubbed and lysoled all the rooms and 
washed all their sheets and blankets beforehand. But as our luck would go the 
night she got here (on my birthday) she was already feeling sick and started 
the Flu/stomach bug before she had a chance to even be home. 

It was beginning to look like a re-run of our wedding day. 6 years ago when 
we got married she ended up with the flu the night of our wedding. Needless
to say we spent a quick night away (maybe 9 hours max!) then my hubby had 
to rush to his little girl who was getting sick. (staying at his moms for the night, 
instead of going back home to her moms like we had planed for weeks..thats 
a whole other story LOL) We spent our honeymoon with a sick and crying 
child, constantly throwing up in bed between us. Lets just say, I was so not 
wanting a re-run. Christmas morning she wouldn't even glance at her gifts, 
just cry. It was so sad. I was hoping this time it would have a happier ending! 

We spent the next day (our 6 year anniversary) keeping the baby and her in 
separate rooms so he wouldn't catch it again. I made homemade chicken 
noodle soup and we spent the next four days hoping my husband, the baby
and I could avoid another round. Luckily we did. We were able to have a 
happy and enjoyable Christmas morning and finally spent the day all together. 

The day following day my kids were due to arrive home shortly when
I get the call from the ex that both the girls had the flu and had been sick all 
day throwing up. I was about in tears... not again! Sure enough two sick girls 
came walking through the door, excited to open gifts but pale and sick for sure. 
They did their best to stay happy and we were off on another week of trying to
keep the rest of us well and take care of the sickies.

I spent alot of time with the lysol, washing sheets and bedding galore, giving
vitamins and taking temperatures and keeping the sick kiddos away from the 
well ones as much as possible. 

Just when we though it was over and had 3 full days of no fevers and all kids
feeling great we decided to go visit family 3 hours away to celebrate New Years
with them. Not long after we arrived my little guy was as fussy as ever and its 
very unusual for him. Figured the long drive, new places and different foods may
have him on edge. Nope 5:00am the morning after we arrived I awoke to one 
sick baby boy! Covered head to toe. Again, I could barely believe it. 

No matter how hard we had tried and how much we had kept them away...
he caught it again!  Each of the girls had had it twice now and it was looking 
as if it was his turn again. Poor baby! I hugged and cuddled him and tried once
again to keep him in his own little space and not spread more sickie germs with
my family. Everyone assured me it was all the new foods, more sugar etc. that
everyone was feeding him.. he had no fever and seemed pretty happy and didn't
throw up again. They told us to join them and enjoy the great food and games
with everyone. And we did. Few hours before midnight my oldest daughter is
suddenly freezing, feeling warm and nauseous. I think to my self.. "No, no way..
it can't be.. she just got over it 4 days ago!" Or so we thought.. minutes later she 
was in the bathroom and that delicious meal she had just enjoyed was no more. 
Again I was scrubbing walls, floors and cleaning up another mess. I felt so bad
for her, and worried for evey one else we were around. I was ready for a major
breakdown. Weeks of endless throw up and sick kids is exhausting on mom too! 

I have spent this last week, taking care of this sick child again, getting my own
flu like, stomach bug symptoms off and on again but never fully getting it to the 
max as I had before. So far the other kids are still well. She is feeling much better 
but with all the sickness and week immune system she has had, she has now 
started ear aches and a sore throat. Poor thing. 

I am beyond ready for the snow to melt, warm temperatures and fresh air we can
enjoy and not freeze to death in. I so need a vacation! Why am I telling you all this? 
Besides, why I have been MIA? Well, I am about to try out what sounds like an 
amazing product from a friend. I have heard so much good about this lately and I 
am wishing we were on this long before our five weeks of sickness roller coaster
took off! I don't think anyone should ever have to deal with a year of sickness like
we have had.. ( 3 rounds of strep, staph infections, ear infections, flu, stomach bug, 
cold and more!) so I want to help you out! I am setting a goal to get myself healthy,
more fit and help keep my family well in 2013 and I am thinking this is a great
way to start! 

You have heard about IT WORKS before on my site.. but my friend
has been telling me about this product they sell that I have never 
heard about until recently.. "GREENS". Exactly what my family needs! 

Her family enjoys a serving everyday and none of them have caught
any of this flu or mess going around. That to me is amazing and 
testimony in itself. Everyone has been catching it all over the state. 
You can't walk out your door too far and I swear someone in your
family catches it! Its been a horrible year for the flu and similar like
illnesses and the Dr. we go to said its been their busiest year ever!
So what a better way to get healthy and stay that way when every
one else around you is catching it. 

Instead of the usual Flu Shot.. all you have to do is take your 
serving of GREENS each day and your already ahead! 
When the vaccine Flu shot isn't fighting the new strains going
around like this year (according to the doctor) and you want to 
avoid the nasty stomach bugs, you won't have to worry because
you have already protected yourself by creating a healthy body 
less inviting to all those nasty germs! We are starting off the
new year by trying out these GREENS and hoping to feel 
much better from now on and avoid any more germs headed
our way... We will be sure to share our results! Meanwhile 
Check out her site and see how you can get the New Year
off to a healthy start!

Tami Yingling
Health & Fitness Consultant/ It Works Global
Personal Trainer/ Gold's Gym Inc.
Call or text anytime! 435-225-2403

Did you know? 

Soon, I will also be giving the It Works wraps a try! 
I have been wanting to try these and decided with taxes
I am going to make it happen! Tami has had some
amazing results and she looks fabulous (yes, I know
her personally and see her result for myself) Don't you 
want results like this? I know I do! 
These are her before and after pics from just 3 wraps! She has now 
done 4 wraps and has lost 13 1/2 inches in her waste area, as well 
as 18 lbs in 6 weeks by adding the all natural weight loss thermogenic 
supplement, THERMOFIT!! 

Sounds like, and she also claims its AWESOME stuff!  
But, her all time favorite product is the Greens!

I am so excited for this New Year... Come get healthy with me! 

UPDATE 2/12:

LOVING the greens, the extra energy to clean 
house, run kids all over to their different activities, 
friends or school and still chase my 18 month old. 
I have also not been sick with the nasty cold the 
rest of my family has had. Just started my older
kids on the greens (half amount) to see if we can
get them well and keep them well! 

Also I did my first wrap today my mom bought 
some for her and awesome it that. 
Thanks Mom! Love ya!

Anyway Its only been just over an hour and I have
have just measured again..already 1 inch down in 
three spots! WOW! 

So thrilled to see the progress continue! off to drink 
more water and baby is awake! More updates to come!!!

**I am going to be sampling the Greens only for review, all opinions are our own 
and results may differ. Thanks! 


dstoutholcomb said...

I hope you are feeling better now. Sounds more like gastrointestinal viruses going on and the influenza shot/mist is for influenza, not gastrointestinal viruses. What people call "stomach flu" is not influenza and a flu shot/mist doesn't prevent it.

Best wishes for a healthy new year!

kendahl said...

Aww, you poor girl! I hope everyone gets feeling better quickly. I'm looking forward to your review on GREENS. I don't get the flu shot because the only time I've gotten it, I was sick for two weeks and basically lived in the bathroom, eating only to have something to throw up instead of chunks of my stomach. :( So something other than the shot would be awesome!

Tami Yingling said...

Kendahl.... find me on FB... FRIEND ME and then pm me your address and I'll send you a free sample of our incredible Greens to GO!!!

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