Thursday, November 29, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide‏: Valco baby - Glo Bugz Review and Giveaway

Is someone you know getting a new
 stroller or bike for Christmas? 
Here is a great addition to their holiday excitement. 
Glo Bugz picture

Glo bugz are perfect in helping keep you
and your little one safe on the go when the 
lighting may not be the best or you are walking
or riding at night. Help motorist see you and stay
safe and in site! You can easily attach them to 
almost anywhere with its stretchy looped cord.
I was super excited to try out these little Glo bugz
and wished I had them for Halloween. So many kids
in the streets and strollers everywhere it was scary to
watch and I was not only worried for my kids
safety but all the other kids and people around me
running up and down the streets. The one neighborhood
we went to had very poor lighting and it just seemed so
dark, these would have been the perfect Trick or Treating
addition to keep an eye on your little one and for
all those other parents driving around to keep your
child seen to them. There are endless uses with these
cute little gadgets.
 With Christmas on its way, so comes the caroling
and nights getting darker much earlier. The Glo Bugz
will be there right with us singing "Frosty the Snowman",
"We wish you a Merry Christmas" and "Have a holly
Jolly Christmas!" My kids also thought they would be
a fun addition to summer night games and my
husband said they would be great for camping and
the 4th of July. So in seconds I had all kinds of
suggestions from the family with what they wanted to
use them for. No matter the use, they will come in
handy more times than we can think of right now I
am sure. When not on the stroller I also love them
for the diaper bag! 
Three features include a still solid light, one bug white 
and one red, or you can change it to blinking or just turn 
off to save batteries when not needed.

Leave a comment with 
where you would use your Glo Bugz 
the most, then enter on 
NOVEMBER 30th on the
Rafflecopter form HERE to win

**we were sent the Glo Bugz set for review only,
all opinions are our own, thanks!


BlessieNelson said...

When we go for walking in the evenings!

kendahl said...

This would be good to use to keep track of your kids in big crowds at night, like fireworks or carnivals or whatnot.

jakell said...

awesome suggestions!

deb c said...

This would be great when out walking in the evening.

joanna garcia said...

oh i love this!! for trick or treating or anytime we are walking at night!

teresa herrera-honores said...

anywhere thats dark to track the kiddos! what a great price too!

Alyshia said...

I would use this in my cart at night I have three kids in car seats and no dome light it gets hard at night to get everyone unbuckled!

Mary Gallardo said...

This is very neat! I used to keep a glow tick in the stroller in case I was out with the baby and it started getting dark while we were out. This is more practical!

Mary Gallardo said...

I think I would use it most on my bike, when I take late night rides

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