Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PB Crave Review and Giveaway

PB Crave 
So I may never be able to get my kids to eat regular PB & J again!
They are in love with PB Crave. I don't blame them..I am too. 
Mounds of creamy goodness in each bite leaves you seriously 
craving just another bite, then another and another.
You can see right away all the creamy peanut butter swimming
 with delicious flavors and added mouth watering tastes. 
No one could decide what flavor they wanted to try first
so I decided to make one of each flavor in the kit and each 
of the four kids got 1/4 to try. They were so excited. 
Everyone gave a huge thumbs up for PB Crave
They all had their favorites. Most loved has been the 
Cookie Nookie! Who doesn't love cookie dough, 
chocolate chips and creamy peanut butter!
The second favorite variety was the Razzle Dazzle
with its delicious natural raspberry flavor
combined with white and semi-sweet chocolate
its just the right sweetness and loaded with flavor! 

We loved each one and they all have their distinct tastes
and differences for everyone's personal styles. 
I have never had so many requests for Peanut Butter
sandwiches and celery and PB at lunch and snack time
 time than I have the last week! 

Want a new addiction thats also healthy for you? 
Try PB Crave any you will fall in love with Peanut 
Butter all over again! Be sure to follow them on Twitter, 
Pin them on Pinterest and LIKE them on Facebook!

Check PB Crave on Celebrity Chef Andrew Zimmern's OpenSky Page 

**we were sent PB Crave variety pack for review only, but all opinions are our own. Thanks!

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