Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SplashBox Review and Giveaway

We have been busy the last few weeks. Planning and preparing
for my sons 9th birthday party with friends. Some think I am
crazy but I love to let them celebrate and create memories they
can talk about for years when they pull out the photo albums.

We have fun coming up with themes and ideas that the kids
are interested in at the time. Some popular, some silly, some
we create as we go. This year it seems like we are just always
on the run and I felt like I was not going to have the time to
plan and come up with a fun theme like we have in the past.
We talked about ideas and things to do but never really were
sent on anything only that he said he wanted it to include water!
Easter clearance went on sale and I found gold chocolate coins
for really cheap..my kids love them and always want them so I
thought they would be fun and something we could tie into a party
theme in lots of ways..the most common of course seemed to be
they are like treasure!

When I told my son I bought some he immediately said
"Mom..a water pirate party would be so cool!" ...so pirate it is!
I had been window shopping the web for fun ideas to go along
with the Friendly Monster Theme for my one year old to be
coming up in July and I remembered seeing a cute pirate invite
from a website called SplashBox Designs. I found it again and
decided it would be fun to expand on the pirate theme.

At the time she only offered the pirate invitations but not any of
the kits like she has listed for other fun themes, when I asked about
it she was excited to create a pirate party kit just for him!

Only a few days later I received a file with printable access to
the following, cute as ever, personalized party kit and invitations
complete with my sons information and picture!  
Image of Pirate Birthday Invitation - Pirate, Treasure Map and Pirate Ship
Pirate lingo and a treasure map theme invitation with
 "X marks the spot" to lead guests to your party address.

*Happy Birthday banner with spacers
*blank thank you cards
*blank address labels
*bag toppers (used to seal plastic party favor bags at the top)
*cake centerpieces (4", same design as the cupcake toppers)
*cupcake toppers
*cupcake wrappers
*favor tags
*candy/chocolate wrapper (for regular sized Hershey bars and mini sizes)
*food label/ place holder
*water bottle label
*welcome sign (8.5 x 11 to hang by your front door)
*photo frame/border
*printable party favor box

Can I just say how much
easier it made my life.
I could focus on a fun theme
and bring it all together with
fun graphics and embellishments
and not have to brainstorm and
stress over how to tie it all in.
Sure it would have been fun to
add a fishing next, some pirate
hats and eye patches or something
cool like that but I am a busy
mom and time was not in my
schedule for things like that so
SplashBox designs made it simple
and fun. My son was able to help me cut out the different party
accessories and put it all together. He loved the outcome and so did
all the kids! I also loved I could print extras of a certain picture or item and add my own spin on it as well, but also had their suggested places for each of the printables we received.

To start the party we got all the kids together and took them on a treasure 
hunt around the yard, at each spot a treasure was hidden and they
 had a fun activity to do. First they made sand art bottles to take home
with recycled empty glass baby food jars and colored salt. We added
the perfect touch by covering the lids with additional cupcake toppers
and just cut them to the size we needed.

They were a huge hit and the kids begged to make more and more!
Who knew they would love them so much, I questioned if they were
 even going to like it!
 At another hidden treasure spot they found these "Thanks Matey"
 mini bags of water balloons to take home.
For the activity to go along with it, they had fun with water balloon games
and dodging the "water cannonballs". The kids were excited and loved them!
We played a few games and at the last stop they collected their
 pirate gold gift bags. The bags I wanted to use were a little smaller
so the food label/place holder tags were a great fit and came in handy 
where we didn't have a sit down meal or set table for the treats afterward.
 They were perfect to personalize with the name of each guest, 
and again they were a huge hit with all the boys!

In with the pirate gold we gave my sons favorite chocolate candy..
Andes Mints. The mini candy/chocolate wrappers worked great
and looked super cute on them! 
The treat table came together fun, we started outside but moved it
indoors just before the party due to wind and rain in the distance,
but the kids still had a great time outside before it got to chilly.

Here are a few more close-ups of the treat table and where we used
alot of the printables. The larger Thank You gift bag toppers were
 also used for little notes around the table.

We used printable party favor boxes around the room
to add to the decor and added some gold coins throughout.

The water bottle labels made their refreshing drinks even more
fun and exciting! Such a great way to turn something simple
and plain, like a bottle of water into a cool drink they all wanted!
It really made such a huge difference to the kids and I thought it
was quite funny it did, but I agree they did look pretty awesome!
We used the blank address labels for the envelopes and
also printed extra to add to the Marshmallow treat popcorn
cups for the kids to write their name on them and help keep
track of whose cup was whose and bring more of the pirate
theme into the treat table decor. We think they turned out cute!
We added additional water bottle labels and some blank Thank You note
pirate cards to some tall glass vases to hold some pirate botty for treats.
We also wrapped the plastic wear with a napkin and added some leftover
cupcake toppers to the front of each one.

The cupcakes were also a big hit using the cupcake toppers and
wrappers in a variety of styles. I loved the red polka dots, stripes, pirate 
deck look and black pirate stripes that really added to our theme. 

The banner was perfect! I loved the colors and creative backgrounds.
I ran out of ribbon and couldn't find another I liked before the party or they 
would have been spaced a little better but it came together super cute!
I also took them in to be laminated so I am able to use them in the future 
for other birthday parties as well!
The large Hershey bar candy wrappers added a great prize 
for the winners of our pirate games!
We had so much fun and loved the easy way to put a themed party
 together. SplashBox Designs did a fabulous job personalizing and 
designing a fun pirate themed party for my son and we highly recommend 
them! There were so many features and we found a place to use them all,
but my pictures definitely don't do them justice and are not all shown in 
detail..worried I am already on a little bit of a picture overload here
 but there was so many I did not want to leave out!

 Is your little pirate dreaming of being the captain of his own party? 
You can now purchase this same Pirate Printable Birthday Package 
on their website!

More about Splashbox Designs
Splashbox Designs is owned by a couple named Joseph and Chi who create "Amazing DIY parties made EASY for busy moms". Even moms who work round the clock can still throw amazing themed-parties with our help on the "design" area. Our shop sells ready-to-print DIY birthday packages of superb quality designs that we are ready to personalize for them and ship (email) in 48 hours or less for affordable prices ;)

Smile A Day Readers can get a 15% discount 
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SMILEADAY on their website 
*Only applicable to all party theme-related purchases

Don't see it? just give it a second to load  :) 
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**I was sent only a custom printable file of the pirate party theme above from SplasBox for my review but all opinions are our own, thanks!

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CharLuvsAbby3 said...

Your SOOOO creative!!! I love the parties you put together for your kids. You should be a party planner seriously!! I'm just amazed at the things you come up with, and my mouth always drops and I say, "Man, I wish I would have thought to do something like that!" I wish I had you here for my daughter's bday coming up in July! She wants a Justin Bieber party. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!

kendahl said...

This is the CUTEST party! You are such a great mom; so creative! I love every single bit of it. I wish Punk had more friends down at our house so I could do super fun parties. As it is, she's just got the one best friend here so we usually just end up going to a movie or dinner or Jumpin' Jacks or something.

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