Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dapple Baby Laundry Detergent Review 
Green. Clean. Baby-Safe

"Dapple is a line of natural-based cleaning products for households
with children. Dapple products are baby-safe and baby-specific -
using non-toxic ingredients found in nature that are also proven to tackle
unique baby cleaning challenges, from dried milk on bottles to
sticky fingerprints on toys."

  I was super excited when I was asked to review Dapple's
and they have come in handy so often when "K" decides to 
play the "pick-me-up" toy game as we like to call it when he
thinks its cute to toss all his toys on the floor for you to pick
up and repeat.. LOL Soon it will become a favorite game as
he gets older and really realizes what he is doing. At home we
can wash & sanitize them no problem but on the go its not
so easy so its definitely a product I still highly recommend! 
some ultra-mild ingredients that is meant for newborns and kids 
with sensitive skin or eczema, which I love because we have 
alot of them around our house! So far baby "K" has not had too
many issues but you never know when it will start! The baby-safe
formula is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and contains no color
brighteners or fabric softeners so theres another reason to smile!
So far we love the soft sent and cleaning power of the detergent
and have used it in 4 loads so far (we don't have to wash too often, we
have been lucky this child NEVER spits up and rarely leaks! Crazy I know!)
So far it is great on his skin with no affect or irritation which is always
awesome when changing products or trying new firsts. He still snuggles
up to his favorite blankie and barries his face into I think its a 
thumbs up for this little guy too!
 The “New & Improved” formula is also specifically
formulated for use on cloth diapers. Great for those 
cloth diapering Mommies to know! I have not been 
to brave to continue the cloth way completely just yet. 
As much as we are on the go it seems to make it a little
more of a challenge. Maybe someday.

Overall I love it! I also think its a very reasonable price 
from others I have seen and used and it covers up to 
32 loads! Will I buy it from now yep, for sure!

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to simplify your day.
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Dapple partnered with Healthy Child Healthy World to create a cute 
and funny video Series with their Five-Easy Steps to a Non-Toxic Home. 
Check out Step 1 on YouTube!

** I received a bottle of Dapple Detergent for review but all opinions are my own, thanks!


a2zbaby said...

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latanya said...

I love that is formulated for even babies that have eczema.

PAFM1964 said...

I love the pump top for the dish detergent makes it easier too.

PAFM1964 said...

I love the pump top for the dish detergent makes it easier too.

polly said...

i would also love to try their toy cleaner spray!

Laura said...

I've seen their products in store and wondered how well it works. Thanks for the review!

Susan Williams said...

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