Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sticky Bellies Review

Sticky Bellies 
 Monthly milestone photos are quick and easy with the
help of Sticky Bellies removable, re-positionable stickers.
You can easily document with photos your baby/child's growth
especially in their first year when they are changing so much.
No need to purchase costly articles of clothing for the few 
pictures a month when you can adorn them with a simple
sicker that tells their current age and look super adorable too!

So much funner than writing the age on the back of the photo in pen!
Or if you are like many now days digital prints are sent through e-mail
facebook etc. and don't get printed for a long time, if ever. This way 
you won't forget how old they were in the pictures and friends and 
family won't even have to ask.
Is your little one fussy or a wiggle worm like most children?
No worry you can remove the sticker and place it back on 
its original paper and try again when they are more cooperative.

We like to take an additional picture too with a stuffed animal or toy
to show the growth a little better, now we won't have to wonder 
what month was what when we have a year of pictures where there
may not be alot of change to help figure out his age. We take them with
"K"s monster so it will go along with his friendly monster nursery theme.

I saved the Sticky Bellies sticker to add it to "K"s baby book
along with the snapshots I took above to document this age.

I love this idea and how simple and easy they new outfits 
they will only wear a time or two, no iron on..just a sticker 
without the messy sticky goo left behind. Super excited to see them
month to month as they come together in a little year collage! 
I will share more and update this post as we go.

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Seen in...Parents Magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Daily Candy Kids
Voted "Best Baby Shower Gift for 2011" by

**I was sent a set of  Sticky Bellies to review but all opinions are my own. thanks!


Debbi said...

These are awesome!! What a great idea.

Eliza Klinger said...

What a neat idea. The stickers look real cute and would definitely be great for pictures and keeping track of your child's growth!

Peter said...

Very innovative idea!!!
Child development

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